A Brief History of...happiness 

This week the world lost one of it's truly great people. To describe this person as a genuis is an understatement.

The loss of Ken Dodd brings an end to an era of musical hall variety and family entertainment. Sir Ken was a regular on our TV screens during the 1970s and 1980s. Few today could generate the audience figures that Ken Dodd sustained. Even fewer have that amazing ability to bring generations together to enjoy a good, old fashioned laugh. 

This week we also lost the great thinker - Stephen Hawking. As a world renowed physicist, Hawking made it his mission to explain the origins of the universe and life . In 1988, his book - 'A Brief History of Time ' - was published. It went on to sell over 10 million copies while also being called 'the most popular book never read.'

Hawking once wrote that he had motor neurone disease for practically all off his life. However he said that it had not stopped him from having a family and being successful in his work. "It shows", he said, "that one need not lose hope."

The Bible begins with the story of creation. The Bible is not trying to be a scientific text book. The 'what' and 'how' questions are left to science to explore and discover.

But the 'why' is there right from the start.


God made the universes.

God made the world.

And God made us.


The Bible says: "For God so loved..."

Why are we here? Because so God loves us.

God loves when we explore.

God loves when we discover.

And God loves when we get together,share, cry and even laugh.

In 1964 Ken Dodd wrote a song called 'Happiness.' SirKen had perhaps discovered more about the 'why' of life than he might have realised.

"I thank the Lord I've been blessed
With more than my share of happiness"

What could you thank the Lord for today?

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Keith Wilson, 14/03/2018

Happy Mother's Day... 

What on earth do you buy your Mum for Mother's Day? 

You would think that at my age this wouldn't be an issue.

But at my age a hand drawn card with a picture on the front that might possibly be a flower, doesn't seem quite right. We don't write on a card - 'I love you mummy' when we're in our middle ages. Even if it is in our neatest, joined up writing.

I'm a sophisticaded adult who ought to be buying sophsiticated presents.

But I've not idea what to get my Mum.

It's not as though my Mum doesn't deserve a present.

She does.

I owe a lot to my Mum. If it wasn't for my Mum I wouldn't be here. My Mum brought me into the world. My Mum made sure I was fed, watered and clothed. My Mum watched as I grew from infant to child and on into adulthood.

My Mum has reached the stage where it's us kids checking up on her rather than the other way around. However it's said you never stop being a Mum. And it's nice to be told you're loved and that someone is grateful for all that you've done.

The relationships we have with our  Mums will vary greatly. One thing we have in common - we've all got or had a Mum. Mother's Day is a nice opportunity to remember that.

Our Mums know a lot about us.

But God knows us even better.

One of the writers of the Psalms wrote to God:
"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

God made us. God loves us. And God's love for us isn't dependent on us giving back presents or cards. Even so it's nice to tell God we love Him. And that we're grateful for all God has done.

Now, where's that piece of card and a felt pen? I feel a picture of something that might be a flower could be just in order.

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Keith Wilson, 08/03/2018

The Bible Says... 

The evangelist Billy Graham died last week. Many have been reflecting on his amazing life and influence. During his long life Billy Graham shared his faith in Jesus with millions of people throughout the world. Billy Graham served a number of US Presidents and even our own Queen. Billy Graham was an example of a Christian being 'Christ's ambassador.' (2 Corinthians 5: 20)

Christians are people who have received the good news message about Jesus. Jesus has died to forgive our sins. And just as Jesus role from the dead - we too will share in his resurrection life.

Good news! Great news!

And if we've received some great news we would surely want to share it with others.

What sort of an ambassador are you?

Many of us struggle to know where to start. There's so much we could say.

Billy Graham used to say "The Bible says..."

Whether in big stadiums preaching to thousands or speaking one to one this 20th century evangelist kept the Bible at the centre.

It wasn't about Billy Graham. 

People could like what he said or reject it.

It was about Jesus. And all we want to find out about Jesus is in the Bible.

The Bible is true. The Bible is trustworthy. The Bible is our authority.

Jesus said: "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes..." (John 5:24)

I wonder if today we can make a point of putting the Bible first as we seek to be ambassadors of Christ.

Interested in making daily Bible reading part of your life? You'll find online Bibles on our website.

There are also great resources online. Have a browse on sites by Scripture Union (who do daily Wordlive emails) Bible Gateway and Bible Reading Fellowship.

Already engaging regularly with the Bible? Why not let us know what helps and encrouages you?

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Keith Wilson, 28/02/2018