For what we are worshiping we are becoming 

So wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson.

An interesting thought - don't you think?

We become similar in behavior and character to those that we worship.

So, what do you worship?

Not an easy question to answer.  So perhaps try these questions instead.

What matters most to me? Whom do I care about most?

Who or what gets my devoted attention and loyalty?

What's my top priority? Where does my time, energy and money go?

The first of the commandments given by God to His people says simply: You shall have no other gods.

Here's the thing.

You and I were made to worship. And if we're not worshiping our Creator, then were trying to put something else in His rightful place.

That's a challenge for us - isn't it? Surrounded by things we've bought. Tempted to buy more. Under constant pressure to do more and more.

How can we, as God followers in Lower Earley, make sure that God gets the right priority in our lives?


Keith Wilson, 14/01/2019

And be Thankful 

So, 2019 has arrived.

I have to admit that the end to 2018 was slightly strange for us. During our break to see family in Northern Ireland our dog - known as Bob the dog - passed away. Thankfully it was all quick and without any suffering. As a result we ended the year with a dog shaped gap.

It was slightly strange. For 5 years the dog dominated family life. 5 years of early morning walks. 5 years of avoiding cats and getting excited at the sighting of a squirrel. 5 years of tail wagging, happy barking, pasty stealing and exploring.

And now a dog shaped gap. 

A sad ending but happy memories. Memories that we are grateful to God for.

The passing of the old year provides an opportunity to be grateful to God.  To look back and to thank God for those memories that are such a vital part of our human experience. 

How often do we rush on to the next thing without stopping and giving thanks?

It's interesting that the words 'And be thankful' come after the phrase 'Let the peace of Christ rule in year hearts.' (Colossians 3: 15)

Is there a link here between being thankful and having peace?

Anxiety. Rushing around. Focusing on self. Trying to fit more and more in.

These are all things that restrict our ability to be thankful. And crush our sense of peace.

As we start 2019 I wonder if you can think of some things to give thanks for?

Oh and that dog shaped gap? Having threatened Ann that I might start cycling or - heaven forbid - jogging - Ann realized that radical action was required....

...and it's currently in its area listening to Radio 4!

Thank you Ann!

Keith Wilson, 03/01/2019

A moment for a Christmas 'wow'

Can you re call the last time you experienced a 'wow' moment?

Children love 'wow' moments. Those times when excitement and joy combine to leave a breathless 'wow'. Something so amazing that the only word to describe the situation is a simple 'wow'.

Christmas is a time of joy and wonder. A time that ought to be filled with 'wow' moments.

Can you take a moment to recall some of the 'wows' that feature in  the Christmas story?

There's a 'wow' moment when an angel appears to Mary.

There's a 'wow' moment when Mary meets Elizabeth.

There's another 'wow' moment when angels greet shepherds near Bethlehem.

And there's that amazing 'wow' moment when Jesus is born.

Christmas ought to be filled with 'wow' moments as we recall the joy and wonder of Jesus' birth on earth.

God with us. Wow!

A savior born in Bethlehem. Wow!

This Christmas I pray that each of us will experience again the joy and wonder of the news that Christ is born in Bethlehem.

Christmas blessings and wows to you all

Keith Wilson, 18/12/2018