Pentecost : Light up your life

This Sunday is Pentecost. On this Sunday we remember the incredible events that took place in Jerusalem when  the Holy Spirit was 'poured out' on followers of Jesus. Their transformation was immediate. Suddenly they had the abilities and gifts that Jesus had promised they would receive.

There are times when Christianity makes rational, logical sense. We can explain our faith.

And there are other times when a sense of wonder and mystery takes over.

Pentecost is one of those times that leaves us struck with wonder and a sense of mystery.

We can't fully explain how Pentecost happened.

But we do know the why. God sends his Holy Spirit to help followers of Jesus live their lives fully for Jesus.

Imagine the pilot light of a old gas boiler. It's always on - a gentle, burning flame.  However as soon as the gas comes on it lights up producing the power required.

Many of us live timid, 'pilot light'lives. It's as though we're scared to let the full power of God come on in our lives.

Pentecost is a reminder that God offers full life to everyone.  God said: I will pour out my Spirit on all people.

And Joel, quoted by Peter, reminds us: ...everyone who calls on the  name of the Lord will be saved

This Pentecost, God offers us the help and power of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps it's time to let God light up your life!


Keith Wilson, 17/05/2018

Thy Kingdom Come

"A Christian Without prayer is just as impossible as a living person without a pulse"  Martin Luther

From Thursday 10th May until Sunday 20th May we're being encouraged to take part in a prayer initiative called 'Thy Kingdom Come.'  The title words come from the world's most famous prayer - The Lord's Prayer. The initiative though, stems from the realisation that many of us  find regular prayer a bit tricky.

Are you takingpart? And if so, who are you praying for?

Of course the idea is that regular prayer should be a feature of our every day lives. But trying it for 11 days is a great start. 

Keith Wilson, 11/05/2018

Lower Earley Rocks! 

Thanks to everyone who has kindly helped me spot the latest trend to hit Lower Earley - painted rocks! 

People have been leaving painted rocks for children, dog walkers and others to find. Now that I know what to look for I'm discovering them in all sorts of places when I'm out and about.

In the Bible a Rock is a powerful symbol for the steadfast, enduring love of God.

The Psalmist writes: Praise be to the LORD my Rock (Psalm 144:1)

So I've had a thought.

This Sunday why not join us as we decorate some special rocks to place out and about throughout Lower Earley. You can draw a picture or write a message. You can decorate your rock in church and take it home to finish. Then you'll be able to place it somewhere for someone to find.

What will you put on your rock? And where might you leave it?

Keith Wilson, 05/04/2018