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Dear All

Here is the latest from Kigezi including updates on:

  • New water tanks
  • Collecting water from 20 springs for a gravity flow system
  • How the community in Nfasha are working hard to recover from the floods and mudslides which hit them September 2017

Our friends in Kigezi face many challenges such as unpredictable weather, food shortages, poverty and political tensions.

Let’s stand with them. PLEASE PRAY for:

  • God’s provision and protection upon beneficiaries, the staff and their families of the Kigezi Water and Sanitation Programme (KWSP)
  • The communities that have suffered disasters. Many are still dealing with the effects, that include; hunger, soil degradation, destruction of life and property. Many are still battling diverse health challenges too, including physical injuries and psycho-social problems
  • The communities that KWSP are working in this year. That they will experience God’s love as we minister to them through the projects that are underway. Pray that they stay united in the team work they will need to accomplish these projects

Thanks, Jon


Autumn Greetings

Dear  Jonathan,

It is that time again: your Connected Church updates from Kigezi Diocese have arrived! 

The team in Uganda are working tirelessly to bring love and hope to some of the most vulnerable people in our world. Do share all they are up to with your church and get people praying. Perhaps you could use this PowerPoint to tell the latest story of transformation from their work, or use the prayer points from the last slide.

This season we also look ahead to Christmas and are excited to share that your next update will be with you by Thursday 29 November. Hopefully this will give you some time to plan ways to include your partner in your Christmas program. Happy planning!

Many blessings,

Bobbie, Carina, Catherine, Luke, Derek, Diana, Fiona and Grace

Tearfund's Churches Team

Looking to the future

It has been a tough year in parts for the Diocese of Kigezi, but people are rebuilding. The team at the Diocese have been planning the next phase of their project. Read all about it here. 

Recovery in Nfasha

Last September, South West Uganda experienced heavy rainfall. As the water flowed down the valleys a mudslide hit Nfasha, Isaac’s village. Now Kigezi Diocese are helping them rebuild.


Jon Lloyd, 22/10/2018