Sundays On Line

You may not be able to attend Church but we have added lots of resources below that should keep your young ones occupied.


R Hogg headshot2Hello and welcome to Bright Sparks, Ignite and DNA online!  Rebecca has recorded a message for you and at the bottom of the page are some things to do!

"As you know things have changed recently and we can’t meet up all together at church and have fun in our groups on a Sunday morning.

We don’t want you to miss out so will be uploading content to the website for you to enjoy at home. Each week there will be a new session for you to get involved in and it will contain a range of activities suitable for all ages so you can take part all together as a family.

If you have any comments, feedback, suggestions then please let us know. 

God bless and have fun!"

Rebecca Hogg - Sunday Club Coordinator

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For the Video that accompanies the Sower activity sheet you need to go to our YouTube channel.  You can also view the online gatherings from past weeks and the great bible stories.
You can now email Rebecca at

            LEBC YourTube channel!

            Sower activity sheet


Some Videos you may like:
Joy of the Lord (particularly suitable for younger viewers)
May the God of Hope - Doug Horley
Joy of the Lord - Rend Collective
Happy Day - Tim Hughes